JSDC - Javascript data components

The Javascript Data Components are libraries, made to give developers of dynamic web pages an easy and fast way of making their applications more powerful using datasets, master-detail relations, dataset-events, conditions and data-aware components.

The components make it possible to handle quite sizeable datasets at the client, and without the need to make querys to a database, since a read-only database can consist of a simple csv-file.
Amongst other things, this saves the server from having to construct datasets, making it able to serve many more clients.

New features recently added :

Things about to happen soon(TM):

The goal is to have the power of AJAX whilst hiding much of it's complexity and without as much of the overhead as possible(maybe not using xml for conveying data, for example).

There is more information in the documentation section of this page.

Project homepage at sourceforge.net

You can see the components in action at www.menialtools.com

There is also a simple code generator.

Wikipedia article

NOTE: This project is not actively maintained, however, parts of this project has moved to the Business Process Management System Optimal BPM. Check out that later on.

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