JSDC - Javascript data components

So, what is JSDC?

The main feature of JSDC is basically a set of classes that implements a dataset with data-aware editors and controls.
There are many other useful things that also can be used standalone but they are of minor importance, at the present.

A really small example(BTW, don't miss out on the code generator.):
I want to present and manipulate data in a nice table. This is, simplified of course, what i do:
  1. I create a datatable-object to load and hold the data.
  2. I create a dataview-object which points to the datatable.
  3. I create a data_aware_object with kind "tableview" which populates a specified <table>-element with data from the dataview..
  4. I call datatable.refresh()...
...and bingo! Now i can view and edit the data!

Ok... what does data-aware mean?

Say you have several lists of rows representing different selections of the contents of a table.
If the lists aren't data-aware, a deletion of a row in the underlying table does not affect the content of the lists displaying that row, they would look the same.
A data-aware list would act on a change-event from the dataset and remove that particular row from itself.
Of course, this also applies to other changes like updates and inserts.

But WHY does JSDC exist?

In the beginning for perfectly selfish reasons. I wanted to make a dynamic content web site capable of (some happy day)carrying really heavy loads.
But since my server probably dates back to the early fifties speed-wise, i wanted to move the database to the client.

So my four most important reasons were:
  1. Performance/Server load:
  2. Bandwith:
  3. Administration/Security:
  4. Ease:
What is the difference between JSDC and ZK?

It is the completely opposite approach. ZK is NO javascript(well, almost) and JSDC is ONLY javascript.
Some reasons JSDC chose this way are:

NOTE: This project is not actively maintained, however, parts of this project has moved to the Business Process Management System Optimal BPM. Check out that later on.

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