The bouncing/fading example

This example uses the animation class to run two animations:


Wherein lie the kewlness, might you ask?
It is all in the javascript. In the effects.js unit of the JSDC library, the animation class resides.
This class uses timers through the setTimeout-function to facilitate non-blocking DHTML animations.
It uses CSS(or more specifically, the to change an objects properties,
making it appear moving och fading or whatever.
A great example two of the ways to use it is this page. So, to look at the very well commented code, open the file with the code(example_bouncingfading.js).
Being well documented it should give you a good start in how to use using the JSDC animation class.

NOTE: This project is not actively maintained, however, parts of this project has moved to the Business Process Management System Optimal BPM. Check out that later on.

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