JSDC - Javascript data components

Help out

Hi there, you developer or whatever you are. This project would love to have you in it. All can contribute.
However, this is not a wiki, so all code will be reviewed for greatness by the project administrator(nothing personal).

Programmatically, all code so far is javascript, however there will probably be some form of stub database connectivity towards php, pearl and .net, so knowledge in those areas might come in handy later.
Aestetically, everything looks like crap so a helping hand with design, color schemes and maybe some images would sure help.
Just look at this site(dammit) and you can tell that maybe the designer isn't the most talented.

So, if you're interested, contact me, zig007.

Report bugs

Please do this at the sourceforge bug submission page.

NOTE: This project is not actively maintained, however, parts of this project has moved to the Business Process Management System Optimal BPM. Check out that later on.

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